Our Mission and Core Values.

  • We believe that mortgage companies and their trustees should be held accountable and not be able to keep funds for longer than is necessary and to reunite our client’s funds accurately. 
  • We aspire to form a mutually beneficial alliance to assist clients in the recovery of their lost or unclaimed funds by keeping an open line of communication and to be sure that every lien is vetted if necessary.
  • We never charge retainer fees for our services. If and when we are successful our fee is taken as percentage of the recovered money.
  • We strive to be openly transparent with our clients and keep them informed every step of the way in the process. You can call or text your representative for any updates. 
  • We will always act with high levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity.
  • We understand that our clients are the backbone of our livelihood so we put all of our emphasis on service. 
  • Our philosophy is to make sure each of clients are taken care respectfully and quickly. Any request will be met with the outmost in professionalism and we answer our own phones.

Who We Are

SurplusFunds CA is a small group of abandoned money professionals located in California. We know the “ins and outs” of government agencies in all states. If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them! Since after a certain period of time elapses, the government may get to keep your funds, it’s always best to have professionals on your side.

Our Mission 

If a claim for your funds isn’t made in time, the funds often “escheat” to the agency holding them, meaning you can no longer claim them. It’s your money, and the government shouldn’t be able to take it from you. Our mission is to ensure that this never, ever happens. We audit government files and documents for these unclaimed funds, and when we find them, we make it our personal mission to reunite them with their rightful owner.

Our Vision

We’d love to see you reclaim the funds we’ve found for you! What would you do with a nice, unexpected payday? In this economy, everyone’s got a use for extra money. Let’s make sure the government doesn’t end up with it!

Let us help you claim your surplus funds